Finance for Property Developers

Finance for Property Developers


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You know the property development business inside out but what about securing the finance you need to make it all happen?
Which lender is most likely to say yes to your application? Who is going to give you the best rate? Which of the tens of different financing products out there should you even apply for?
At Optima, we have the answers. Securing finance for property development is what we do day in, day out. But why should you put your trust in us?
  • Our success-only fee

    You don’t pay us a penny until you drawdown the finance we successfully secure for you (and our fees are often paid by the lender).

  • Decades of experience

    We’ve been securing property development finance for over 35 years, developing relationships with the right people to get you the finance you need.

  • No limit

    We typically broker loans from £500k to £50m but there is no cap.

  • Unrivalled access

    We have access to lenders that you simply won’t know about; not just banks and property funds, but peer to peer platforms, institutional and private investors.

  • Products for every situation

    We source the full range of finance products for Property Developers, including Senior & Stretched Debt, Mezzanine, Equity & JVs, Developer Exit Finance and Bridging Loans.

  • Recognised quality

    We are a full members of the NACFB (National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers) and hold both Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Permissions and a Data Protection Licence.

We operate in the Residential, Student and Commercial Property Sectors and source the following finance products for Property Developers


Senior Debt is the name given to conventional or standard Development Finance where the lender has a 1st legal charge over the asset.


Mezzanine Debt is the name given highly leveraged Development Finance where the lender has a 2nd legal charge over the asset.

Stretched Senior Debt

Stretched Senior Debt is the name given highly leveraged Development Finance where the lender has a 1st legal charge..

Equity, JVs & 100% Funding

Equity is the generic name given to highly leveraged Development Finance where an investor (and /or lender)..


Forward Funding is a finance model where an institutional investor (for example a pension fund) contracts with a developer..

Developer Exit

Developer Exit Finance (also known as Sales Period Finance) is effectively bridging funding for constructed but unsold..


Bridging Finance is short term funding secured on residential, student and commercial property and land with planning..

Get the finance you want, minus the stress and hassle.

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