Bridging Finance

Bridging Finance is short term funding secured on residential, student and commercial property and land with planning consent. Funds raised may be used to acquire (or re finance) assets or for any legal purpose. Repayment of the funding is by either sale or re finance of the asset.

Market Sectors

Residential, Student, Commercial, Land with Planning Consent (Outline or Full).

Benefit to Property Developers

Commonly sourced by property developers to acquire assets which require a change to, or amendment of, a planning consent, with repayment via re finance with a Development Finance facility. In this scenario it is prudent to source the Bridging Finance from a lender that also offers Development Finance; thus avoiding the hassle and costs of re financing to another lender.

Benefits to Property Investors

Commonly used by property investors to acquire assets at undervalue with a loan facility 


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based upon value not purchase price, or to refurbish, add value and sell, or refurbish, add value and retain as an investment, with refinance via a long term Investment Mortgage. We work with a number of lenders who offer Bridge to Term products, enabling the short and long term borrowing to come from one source. Many lenders offer two stage Bridging Finance (often known as Refurbishment Finance) , stage one to acquire the asset and stage two to finance refurbishment (akin to Development Finance).


Up to 75% LTV (potentially 100% of purchase price for undervalue transactions) depending upon asset type, location, source of repayment etc.


  • Interest from 6-15% PA, depending upon LTV, asset type, location, borrower covenant, source of repayment, term, lender policy etc. + lending fees.
  • Interest may be retained, rolled up or serviced (subject to lender policy and underwriting).


England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland (limited availability), Republic of Ireland (limited availability in an emerging market for some UK based lenders).

Borrowing Entities

  • Sole traders, partnerships, LLP’s, Ltd Co’s and offshore vehicles.
  • Where the borrower is to be an offshore vehicle full disclosure and audit of the directors and beneficial owners is required.


  • 1st Legal Charge or 2nd legal Charge.
  • Debenture (incorporated borrowers).
  • Personal or Corporate Guarantees (incorporated borrowers - as a norm). The amount any type of Guarantees vary from full debt to a percentage of debt.


From prime (full underwriting of borrower and asset) to non – status (underwriting of asset only) and much in between.

Loan Size

At Optima we broker Bridging Finance from £500k to £Multi M.